Habits of Successful People

traits-for-massive-success-in-businessWhen I first read this LinkedIn article written by Paul Carrick Brunson, I realized that none of the 20 habits that he shares in his 2 part post were new to me.  Indeed, there were no secret revelations that I have not already heard of or read about.  Happily, he confirms the principles that many people are learning from the self-directed education offered by Life Leadership!

One of the defining concepts that my mentors have taught me is the principle of

Define – Learn – Do

That is, define exactly what it is that I want, find someone who has the kind of success that I’m looking for, and (if they’re willing to mentor me) do the things that they recommend.  Follow this process and you can expect the same results.

I am so grateful for the life changing continuous education that Life Leadership offers.  I also appreciate the mentorship and great leadership of people like Wayne MacNamara and Claude Hamilton.  Below is the first of two articles that Paul has written to share the habits of two Billionaires from whom he has learned the habits of success.  Enjoy the article!

20 Successful Habits I Learned Working For Two Billionaires.

God Bless;

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