Florida Fun

Typical day at the resort

A typical day

I love to travel.  So when LIFE Leadership announced that the 2014 Chart Topper event would be held in sunny Fort Meyers, Florida, Michele & I immediately started making plans to attend.  I was excited to say goodbye to this long cold Ontario winter, if only for a few days.


World Class Leadership Teaching

World Class Leadership Teaching

Something special happens when a community of leaders get together. Chart Topper is an opportunity, to have fun, learn, be inspired, relax, and create great memories.  If you weren’t able to make it this year, be sure to attend the next one.  These are essential to developing a strong sense of community through association.

Quiet evening at the resort

Quiet evening at the resort



If you were at Chart Topper, feel free to leave a comment sharing your favorite moment from this event.  There were so many memories that I will never forget but perhaps the most awe-inspiring memory for me was the talk by LIFE Founder Bill Lewis about the power of being part of a community.  He was truly courageous and shared from the heart.  Thank you for the example you set as a leader Bill!

A huge thank you to the LIFE Leadership office, including CEO Chris Brady and the rest of the LIFE Founders for designing this awesome event.  See you at the next LIFE Event!


God Bless;


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4 Responses to Florida Fun

  1. David crowley says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us

  2. bundy123 says:

    Sounds like fun and some great teaching. Have goals and a game plan to be there next year. Thanks John

  3. Michele Lewis says:

    Awesome venue, amazing teaching, great association, terrific food and oh yeah, SUN!!! Don’t miss Chart Topper next year!

  4. What an amazing weekend with gloves off teaching telling us just what its going to take to break out and make the difference needed to lead the way for our groups to move forward. All the talks were top notch and now its our job to get a lot more people to next year for they really need to come just to see just how great it really is and how much more powerful the talks actually are.
    Great Blog John keep it up!

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