What can a team of people do if they work together toward a common goal?  The following video demonstrates how each person can combine their individual strengths to produce something incredible.  The LIFE Community has provided the instrument to create mastery in personal development and leadership for anyone willing to work together as a team.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Thanks to great people like Claude & Lana Hamilton or Wayne & Raylene MacNamara,  anyone can join this amazing community and realize their God given potential with the support of mentors who have developed success in the 8Fs.  Are you realizing your own potential?  What legacy are you creating right now for future generations?   Enjoy this video and start pursuing excellence today!

God Bless;



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Husband, father, leadership student
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8 Responses to Teamwork

  1. Rob Duxbury says:

    Wow did not expect that! Great point John!

  2. Kody Ellis says:

    Amazing post John! Love the video. Shows what teamwork is all about and that is exactly what the TEAM meant to! Have fun, make money and make a difference!


  3. Kody Ellis says:

    Oh…Kaizen 20! Make it happen

  4. That was a great example of team work I loved the video. Really shows the power of a team for with like minded people working together striving for excellence anything is possible. Great post John

  5. Barry Bauman says:

    Wow !
    Absolutely amazing!!
    True team work makes beautiful music!!!
    Excellent John
    about changing lives

  6. Sharon Lalor says:

    This is a great video, thank you John for the superior analogy.

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