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This morning, I watched a short video from and it reminded me that we are all creating our own story as we live our life.  My friend and mentor Wayne MacNamara has chosen to create an amazing story for him and his family wayne-raylene-2by learning from great people and making decisions that are based on proven information that will produce a better future.  I am incredibly proud of Wayne & Raylene for who they have become and how they have chosen to help thousands of people.  Because they are willing students, hungry to grow and develop themselves, they are experiencing tremendous results in all areas of their life.  Never claiming to be a “self-made” man, Wayne has always shown gratitude to the mentors in his life; great leaders like Claude Hamilton, and Orrin Woodward.

The LIFE education system has provided Wayne & Raylene with the tools and information needed to design the life they’ve always wanted.  So what story are you writing?  What legacy are you creating?  It’s just a decision.  Enjoy this video, courtesy of

God Bless;



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47 Responses to Your Story

  1. John thank you kindly for the gracious words. I appreciate your friendship and leadership. Mentors are priceless to the willing and hungry student.
    No Guts, No Story
    God bless my friend

  2. Thanks for setting out a great challenge for us to be humble students like the MacNamara’s. Great post!
    I’m sincerely looking forward to hearing you and your lovely wife speak in February.

    • Wade Hamblin says:

      This seminar in Ottawa will ROCK! Knowing the quality of people Wayne and Raylene mentor John and Michelle are sure to light up the stage in our Nations Capital.

      • johnklewis says:

        We can’t wait to see Wayne & Raylene kick off 2013 in Ottawa with a leadership explosion that will take Canada by storm! We are so blessed to be mentored by this couple.

    • Aage Smies says:

      Agreed, I think John and Michelle will be an excellent way to return to Ottawa after Major!

  3. Michele Lewis says:

    John, thanks for the blog. Wayne and Raylene are such great examples of what can happen when you humble yourself and allow someone to mentor you. I can’t wait to hear the story they have to tell in a couple of weeks!

  4. Way to go John great blog about an amazing couple that were willing to fight for their own future and show others how to do the same. Just like Michele said when you humble yourself and allow someone else to mentor you the results can be dreams come true. Make sure you are in Ottawa on the 25 thur 27 of January to see and hear that dreams really do come true if you’ll do the work to.

    • johnklewis says:

      For sure, Joe! Friday evening on Jan 25th will be the biggest celebration of success we have ever seen!!! Can’t wait!

      • Ben Debus says:

        I can’t wait for that weekend Joe!! I will be nice to see long term vision, delayed gratification and utilizing the power of compounding being rewarded! its going to be amazing.

  5. Kody Ellis says:

    Amazing blog article John! What you said about Wayne and Raylene are spot on and it’s a great privilege to work with you and Michele in business together!

    Thanks for all your help and support.


  6. Barry Bauman says:

    John thank you so much for allowing me to be on your team and meet a man of character and courage such as Wayne
    About changing lives

    • johnklewis says:

      I love your tag line “About Changed Lives” Barry. I feel that we have all watched Wayne & Raylene’s lives change as they have grown and committed to serving others. This couple are setting the example for so many people.

      Glad we’re working together on this incredible team, my friend.

      • Barry Bauman says:

        We sure have seen them change and as examples grow into the great leaders they are today leading thousands!!
        I feel privileged to call them friends wow!!

  7. Krista Dearing says:

    Thank you for this blog John. Wayne and Raylene are such an incredible couple. We are blessed to be able to mentor with a couple who are out to make a difference in their lives as well as thousands of others along the way.

  8. Scott Morrison says:

    Awesome post John. Can’t agree more! Wayne and Raylene have been incredible students and now are incredible leaders of many many people. Like Orrin says, “if you’re too big to follow, you’re too small to lead.” Wayne and Raylene have shown that they are willing to follow… They’ve humbled themselves and were so ppy that they’ve learned and grown as much as they have because we may not know this wonderful community if they hadn’t!!

  9. Dave Smale says:

    That’s an awesome video. The whole thing with this Life business and the people we have meet just gets you to think

  10. Ben Debus says:

    Awesome blog John! We all do have the power to create our own story in life. Sometimes I think it takes someone leading by example with such a great inspirational tale like Wayne and Raylene’s to bring out the strength in ourselves to have a story of our own.

  11. Dave Begley says:

    John that is a great post .Proven information that will produce a better future we have it all right here in life .Thanks for taking the time to remind us how lucky we are to have servant leaders taking us to our destiny .

  12. Monique Hoffer says:

    Ok… So I’m one of those who almost always cry when “The Ladies” are telling the sad bits of their story so far. Very touching video, maybe it should be on tv like some of those other, moral /thought provoking ads from (not totally sure, haven’t seen one lately) a church of some sort. I’m gonna take that video to face book for all my ” friends” to see.

    • Michele Lewis says:

      Monique, I’m right there with you. Bring your tissues for Jan 25!
      I love this video too, it really speaks to the importance of the decisions we make to creating a life story we are proud to tell.

  13. Robert Rosastik says:

    Yes one day soon we will all be able to tell our story to the world. What a wonderful life we can live when we apply the principles from the LIFE business. Think Big, Deam BIGGER !!

  14. Aaron peters says:

    Great blog. It truly is amazing to watch a young couple like wayne n raylene humble themselves to help other people get what they want out of life and they are amazing teachers of the truth. Thanks for reminding us what great leaders we have our hands on.

  15. Scott Staley says:

    Great blog John. I always love hearing your perspective. Jan 25th is gonna be jacked up!

  16. Aage Smies says:

    Great Video John, thanks for sharing it. We all too often forget that our stories are unique and there is someone out there waiting to hear them so they can be inspired and share theirs. You are an incredible role model for us and Wayne’s amazing humility regarding his mentor Claude leaves me aspiring to be his hungriest student!

  17. Wade Hamblin says:

    Fantastic video John! This is a great example of showing on one side how our lives could turn out but with some small “slight edge” decisions the different out come could look like. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Dan Ostapiak says:

    Thanks alot for the blog John, we need to get this out to more people! It really makes you think on how making the right, easy and simple decisions over time can help us live the life we always wanted. Also, how mentors can help us get to where we want to be. Thank you for everything you have done for me John and I am so blessed to have people like yourself, Michele, Wayne and Raylene in my life.


    Hi John:
    I just finished reading your blog for Wayne and Raylene. From the first time I met this couple I felt like I have always known them. I am going to my first major in Ottawa and I am excited to be among the whole team and meeting leaders I haven’t met yet. I am so blessed to have you and Michele, Roman and Irene, Dan and Tori, Kody and Amanda, Robb and Dana encouraging me.
    Lorraine Hayman

    • johnklewis says:

      Lorraine, you are an incredible lady! Keep writing your story because many need to hear it. Just imagine that you and I would never have met if not for the story that Wayne & Raylene are writing!

      • LORRAINE HAYMAN says:

        John I am so blessed that I have met you and Michelle and I really enjoyed my time with both Wayne and Raylene on Monday night in Kitchener. Your support and encouragement on Monday night have given me the confidence to STP this Friday to the owner of Nithvalley Construction, NewHamburg. Thanks again, Lorraine

  20. Rob Duxbury says:

    Hey John,

    Great blog! It has given me lots to think about that I have never given thought too!

  21. Patrick Clowater says:

    Great Blog John! I thank God every day for joining us together with Wayne and Raylene MacNamara. That is the best decision we ever made in our lives and we we’ll do anything for this amazing couple. I consider a priviledge to be mentored by Wayne and consider him my best friend! Ottawa Major will be a celebration for sure, but I celebrate our friendship with the MacNamara’s every day.

  22. Joce Dionne says:

    love the video John! I like when she said “a successful life isn’t made up of a few big decisions, but of hundreds & hundreds of small ones.”

  23. Sharon Lalor says:

    John this is a great post. We had a great time visiting your church. Thank you for reminding us how to live our story.


  24. I really enjoyed the video. now i dont want to waste time.
    thanks for sharing.

  25. Phil Wall says:

    I Love it John, “Your Decisions today, will be your stories tomorrow” great video.

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