See You at the Seminar


I love the LIFE Community!  Every day I see the support and encouragement of a community of people who go out and make a difference in the lives of others.  It’s no wonder that LIFE members are excited to gather together to share ideas, learn from business leaders, and recognize the accomplishments of their friends and colleagues.

IMG-20121110-00082All across North America, LIFE  offers a series of monthly events designed specifically to teach people how to develop themselves and expand their home based business.  Associating with successful mentors and leaders is such a powerful way to learn both the art and science of community building in the information age.   Attracting anywhere from a hundred to a couple thousand people, the LIFE seminars provide incredible value and are the best way to capture the heartbeat and the culture of the LIFE Community.

In recent months, I have had the privilege of attending tori&dannyseminar events where the guest speakers included LIFE Founders Orrin & Laurie Woodward, Chris & Terry Brady, Tim & Amy Marks, and Claude & Lana Hamilton!  The caliber of teaching by these accomplished business leaders have been exceptional.

Now, I know some folk will say that they are just too busy to attend a seminar.  Folk are extremely busy!  Maybe they have to do Christmas shopping or the drive is too far or it’s their night for family time or they have to change the oil in their car!  There are always a wide variety of excuses.  But we know that the community is what LIFE is all about and until we get around this community, we just won’t see the potential of all that LIFE has to offer.  Our job as leaders is to help others see the value of association and partner with people to help them create the life they have always wanted.  Here is a great explanation by LIFE Co-founder Chris Brady of the importance of our seminars.

I am incredibly blessed to be associated with the amazing leadership of the LIFE Community.  And I know that you’ll feel the same way when you come meet this community!  In fact, we are so confident in the value of the LIFE seminars that a new member now receives a 50% discount on their first seminar tickets.  That’s incredible!  Simply put, if you want your business to explode, do whatever it takes to get to the next LIFE seminar.  And be sure to leverage these events for maximum benefit by getting your team, your friends, and your family there as well!  Check out the LIFE website for all locations and details.

God Bless;



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5 Responses to See You at the Seminar

  1. Dan Ostapiak says:

    I couldn’t agree more John. I don’t think most people truly understand the power of association. Why is it that when you hang around winners long enough that you start to experience your own victories? Why is it that when you hang around people who just don’t have a positive outlook on life, that you soon become miserable? These events are priceless and the caliber of leadership is substantial! I am so blessed to be a part of this winning community, and can’t wait for the next seminar!! Thanks for the post John, you hit the nail with the head of the hammer!

  2. Scott Staley says:

    Power of association is key! Great article John, I appreciate your leadership and all that you guys do for the team.

  3. Kody Ellis says:

    Great article John, loved reading this today! Got me fired up to see the next seminar with Alex & Leighann Nickerson coming into Southern Ontario! 2013 is going to be amazing year with the upcoming leaders ready to take the stage!


  4. Monique Hoffer says:

    Very well written :-). There is so much to learn at the monthly seminars, it’s hard to take it all in.
    The incredible opportunity to learn from, met with and even get a few autographs from the authors of some amazing books just is so GREAT. And, since I live in Aylmer were these seminars have been taking place for most of the last year, it boosts my home town pride. :-).

  5. Barry Bauman says:

    Great article John!!
    Seminars change lives!
    Has changed my life and that is a Big thankyou to you John and Michele for leading us to our first seminar,
    about changing lives

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