When Lives Are Changed…

There are very few moments in my leadership career when I have experienced such a team victory that the moment seemed surreal and the pain and exhaustion from hard work was swept away by a flood of emotion.

This past weekend was a moment like that.  I attended what I would describe as the most impactful and significant event in my leadership journey thus far.  It’s called the LIFE Fall Leadership Convention and words escape me to adequately express the impact of this 3 day experience.

Since the LIFE community made its debut almost a year ago, its mission has been to connect a growing number of people who are passionate about making a significant difference by helping others in various areas of their life which is called the 8 Fs.  This community of leaders has experienced unbelievable growth and has created opportunities beyond our wildest dreams.

Thanks to the passion of a few amazing leaders from Canada, including LIFE co-founder Claude Hamilton, a 90 day vision was cast to shatter all growth records in LIFE community building.  To be part of an incredible group of people that lock arms and strive for a common goal develops a synergy that can produce a team accomplishment that simply could never be achieved as an individual.  In other words, Together Everyone Achieves More.

With world class mentorship, and the unification of a team of committed people, the Top Gun Power Player achievement was awarded to the Kaizen Unified family.  Under the amazing leadership of Wayne & Raylene Macnamara, and the council of Claude & Lana Hamilton, this team (and many other teams) exploded their organizations and demonstrated what a committed group of servant leaders will do for their team.  I love the win-win culture of this organization and am so proud to be part of it!

Congratulations to every member of the LIFE community.  It is said that a rising tide lifts all ships and the tide is coming in!   This event was proof positive that when a community comes together with a shared vision, lives are changed.

God Bless;



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21 Responses to When Lives Are Changed…

  1. Scott Staley says:

    It was an amazing weekend. I’m proud to be associated with the a group of committed people who walk their talk and lead by example – you and Michelle are great examples of that.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Joe Hoffer says:

    This was the most amazing Major I’ve ever been too. I’m proud to be part of Kaizen and really proud of all the great leaders that we have who worked so hard. Together everyone achieves more.

  3. robbyandemily says:

    Great job guys! We’ll deserved victory!

  4. Phil Wall says:

    Fantastic blog John. Thanks for writing that. You are bang on!!

  5. Patrick Clowater says:

    John, I couldn’t agree more my friend. I’m so proud of the entire Kaizen team and especially Wayne and Raylene’s team of warriors. This was probably the toughest competition I have ever been a part of and I totally impressed with the amount of courageous team members that fought for the MacNamara’s and Hamilton’s. Claude Hamilton issued a challenge and his entire team had his back, just like he has had ours for so many years.

    This major convention totally expanded my belief and vision on where this Life business will take us and our goal of 1 million people learning and leading is not far away at all. That group of winners that attended this weekends convention are the only hope our countries have of changing the downward spiral in today’s society. With our fearless Policy Council at the helm, the Team cannot and will not lose the media war that we battle every day. People need to hear the truth and most want to hear the truth, they just don’t know where to find it. It is our duty to go out and find those people and lead them to Life and to the community called Team. God Bless the Team.

    • Dave says:

      John your post is dead on. In what I would call my short stint with the LIFE biz, I have never been more positive it is a team game. Very proud to be associated with you, and Wayne n Raylene.

    • Hey my friend, You are impressing me daily with your commitment and leadership to your team. There are new rec levels on the horizon for you too. Proud of yas

  6. Hi John, the entire weekend was a spectacular event. From the RT meetiing on thurs night to the Sunday afternoon teaching by George. We are in an amazing biz that can help any individual change the course of their lives if they are willing to grow and learn leadership principles and apply them daily into their lives. Lets UNITE the clans!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wade & Rhonda Hamblin says:

    Fantastic post John!! This was an epic weekend for all of Kaizen with the KCB win! I will watch this video that you posted daily to keep the vision the next Kaizen win for Kaizen…. Wyane & Raylene’s PC run….. this will be a small glimps of what the victory will be like! Thanks for all you and Michelle do!

  8. Joseph Keller says:

    Great article John for this truly was a team event as you stated and never before have I ever felt more part of a cause part of a team and amongst a group of people that our out for the betterment of fellow human beings. Changing peoples lives for the better what an amazing opportunity we have been blessed with. Now its time to pay it forward to the masses!
    Thanks for being a driving force and keep up the posts.

  9. Ben Debus says:

    I agree with you Pat, I do think people want to find out truth they just have no idea where to get it. This past weekend was unbelievable and thanks John for capturing that moment on video. It really recreates the feeling of excitement and honor standing in front of that stage watching our leaders Wayne and Raylene represent the top gun for their proud teammates.

  10. Rose Macdonald says:

    One of the things you mentioned was how it was a win-win! It was truly incredible the way Kaizen lifted the whole team up. So rarely in our world is competition done well… I can remember college soccer and volleyball…a lot of the girls hated and trashtalked the other teams… So often in business, people play for win-lose…

    So if it wasnt enough for kaizan to set the bar high and challenge the whole TEAM to play their A game; they were also classy about it- in spite of a 1, 2, 3 Kaizen finish. Great job to Claude and Lana and Wayne and Ray for being so classy and modest in their speech and talks. ( I was really curious how you were going to make a rented mule classy!) I’m really proud to be a part of Kaizen.

  11. Rick Green says:

    The depth of the UNIFIED spirit could be felt throughout the entire weekend. And I believe that it “rubbed off” on others, who are not part of our Kaizen organization. I believe that is because of the “servant-leader” culture that exists within Kaizen. For me, it is because of that bond that made the KCB run and victory, so special! Congratulations, Wayne & Raylene!

  12. Monique Hoffer says:

    Wow ! Watching that video bring back all the amazing feelings from that moment. I think, if ever I forget, what winning really feels like, I just come back to this post and live it over again.
    Thank you so much for sharing this video with everyone.

  13. Barry Bauman says:

    Wow that video gives me goose bumps watching the win once again.
    powerful, very invigorating!
    thanks John for such a great leader and an amazing example!
    You and Michele make an amazing team!

  14. Emily and Kevin says:

    We are so proud to be part of Kaizen. What an amazing weekend, thanks for your vision and pay it forward attitude!

  15. Rhys Plant says:

    Man! Just watching that video again is exciting! The pide Natalie and I felt being a part of the Kaizen Team, and part of Wayne and Raylene’s organization on that day was almost overwhelming! What a phenomenal weekend and what a payout for 3 months of hard team work!

  16. John, it was great spending time with u and michelle in Toronto!!!

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