LIFE Business Compensation Plan

Yesterday, LIFE co-founder Claude Hamilton posted an article on his blog site that I highly recommend everyone reads.  In the article he gave a comparative analysis of the LIFE opportunity with another pay plan which Claude had previously used to create financial success.  You can also read about others who successfully built profitable businesses using other models, and even tried to suggest ways to make improvements!  Check out LIFE co-founder Dan Hawkins’ article on Orrin Woodward titled  “Orrin Woodward: Amway/Quixtar Whistle-blower”.

Increasing market share

Any business that delivers a product or service to the marketplace must have a mechanism to pay the people that increase company market share.  Whether they pay a sales force, or outsource to 3rd party reps, or find ways to leverage word of mouth referrals (like Facebook or the movie industry or a Direct Sales company), the owners of many businesses make significant profits from the selling & distribution process.

And then in 2011, the LIFE company was launched.  Based on over 100 collective years of business experience.  Claude Hamilton, Orrin Woodward, and the other founders of LIFE had a common vision to create a company that made a positive impact on the world, by leveraging these four exploding trends:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Life Coaching
  3. Community Building
  4. Home Based Business

Address the Chirping

As with any innovation, there are some who choose to blindly criticize rather than evaluate scientifically or mathematically.  These critics use words like scam and pyramid to describe anything that they haven’t taken the time to understand.  In his article, Claude has taken the time to give a side-by-side comparison of how the Amway and the LIFE companies compensate those who expand market share.  In many ways one cannot do a comparison because they do not share the same vision, culture, structure, or product space.  Yet, from a purely financial perspective, Claude has addressed the ignorant chirping of a select few  drones to clear up any confusion these critics have created.

The Entrepreneurial Process

In his article, Top 10 Leadership expert, 2011 IAB Award winner and best selling author Orrin Woodward explains the 3 step process every entrepreneur follows to bring about change in society;

First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Finally, it is accepted as self-evident.

By this measurement, the LIFE organization is right on track!  What do you think?  I encourage you to read Claude’s article and leave a comment on his blog.

God Bless;

John Lewis


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3 Responses to LIFE Business Compensation Plan

  1. John, you were with us in the Amway days so you appreciate where we are now!!

  2. Dave Smale says:

    Another great post John. If only people would take the time to find the truth, I guess it take less thought and effort just to criticize

  3. natalie plant says:

    Thank you John. I really like how you quoted Orrin Woodward about the process every successful entrepreneur faces to bring about change in society. Knowing this gives me more confidence. It is good to go against the stream if what you are doing is for the good of all and is in line with the word of God.

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