Do What It Takes

As I work through the 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge, designed by Top 30 Leadership Experts Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady and the rest of the LIFE Founders, I continue to be totally impressed with the quality of the information!  I am also challenged to continually raise my game in all areas of my life.  If you’re wondering if the Mental Fitness Challenge is right for you…take the FREE 7 day challenge and plug into a local Challenge group in your area!

 Resolution #5: Game Plan and Do

This week, in Week #5 we are studying Game Plan and Do, the first half of the Deming cycle of continuous improvement (Kaizen).  In the MFC video on this topic, Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady make reference to Lou Holtz, a legendary football coach with Notre Dame.  Having heard many references to this highly regarded coach, I began to do some research into his life and accomplishments and found the inspiring video I have included at the bottom of this article.  As you finish reading this, I invite you to watch the short video and leave a comment on how the leadership principles he talks about could be helpful in your own life.

Goals that are more about significance and legacy 

At the beginning of every New Year, my wife and I take some time amid the bustle of the holidays and write down 100 individual goals we each want to accomplish in our lifetime.  We got the idea for doing this from an amazing Canadian, and member of the TEAM Policy Council, Mr Claude Hamilton.  Making this list allows us to identify what to focus our efforts on and map out a plan to reach these goals.  If you don’t have a top 100 list of life goals, I encourage you to sit down and write them out today.  If you’re like me, the first 20 are easy but purely materialistic, the next 30 take some thought, and the last 50 begin to describe goals that are more about significance and legacy.

As I read through Resolution #5 of the New York Times best selling book RESOLVED, I am reminded how few people create a game plan for their life.  Most take advice from family or friends and make decisions without thinking through the long term effects of their choices.  When obstacles hit or challenges arise (and they will), many simply react out of fear or misinformation like a ball in a pinball machine, rather than use the game plan to get back on track and continue toward the goal.

The Magic of Thinking Big 

A major turning point in Lou Holtz’s life was when he was given a copy of David Schwartz’ highly acclaimed book, The Magic of Thinking Big. That book taught him to write out his goals, create a game plan, and do the work required to win.  That was the start of his amazing journey to success.  What’s YOUR game plan?  Have you written out your goals on paper and shared them with your mentor?  If you are looking to improve any area of your life, I recommend that you start the Mental Fitness Challenge and create your PERSONAL GAME PLAN FOR SUCCESS!

Enjoy the video and leave a comment to share your thoughts.

God bless;

John Lewis


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9 Responses to Do What It Takes

  1. Kieran Smale says:

    Hey John another great post. The MFC certainly does keep u thinking about not just how u run your life but also how you treat people on a daily bases as well. Always enjoy listening and reading your thoughts. Dave

  2. Patrick Clowater says:

    Great article John! I have always struggled with my 100 goals list because material things don’t really make me change enough to pursue excellence. After a few years hanging around the Team I find myself thinking of bigger and more impactful goals. I want to leave a legacy to my children and grandchildren, Lord willing, not just stuff for them to inherit. I am definitely a work in progress and I want to thank Wayne MacNamara and Claude Hamilton for believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Thanks for leading your family and all the men on your team John.God Bless you and Michelle.

  3. Donna Kraft says:

    Hi John Great post I really enjoyed it. Great principle for all of us. WIN. I appreciate your insight and perspective, Just through association with you and the TEAM makes me want to grow and to leave a legacy behind. God Bless John Kraft

  4. Dumon says:

    Great post John, I really loved it. I’m impressed with the fact that life skills, integrity and character, along with focus was a priority for Lou Holtz personally and as a life coach. He was training those men for so much more that football. Setting his players up for success in life just allows it to permeate onto the football field. It’s amazing today how many people just wander through life, I really admire the concept of WIN (What’s important Next) to live your daily life by.

    Anyone reading this blog really should write out the 100 goals list, it really allowed me to expand my vision beyond myself, I learned about the goal list from my friend Wayne MacNamara, and I remember him talking about you don’t get what you deserve, but you do get what you expect, the goal list just starts pointing your ship on the right path.

    I really see the value of your blogging John and admire your desire to go out and make a difference, looking forward to continue reading your blog, and as Lou Holtz was talking about I really admire your deep desire to win. Michelle and you are phenomenal people to get to know, keep up the good work


    • johnklewis says:

      Thanks for the kind words Dumon! The benefits of being part of a community that helps people change their lives is truely amazing. We feel blessed to know so many great people.

  5. robbyandemily says:

    Wow John! Very well done. I am certain you are an up and coming in the team!

  6. natalie plant says:

    Very well written John. I still am putting to use what you said in an earlier blog post about training the ant and the elephant. I am amazed by how my thoughts (negative or positive) can effect outcomes. I appreciated what you said about envisioning a meeting or event going well. I am blown away how this helps the real life outcomes and my confidence. This was my first time watching a video by Lou Holtz and I appreciated his comments about the necessity of having a plan, and getting to work. Having a winning attitude will yeild a win!

  7. Scott Staley says:

    Great post John. Lou Holtz is certainly one of my favorites for his approach to life and success.

  8. Jamie Jewer says:

    Great post, John.

    I too love the concept of WIN- What’s Important Next – this is very important to me in my life right now, and it’s something I will start applying IMMEDIATELY. It is a great tool for everyday life to keep you focussed on your goals and dreams.

    Like others have commented, I also think “The Magic of Thinking Big” is a phenomenal book – it’s been several months since I read it, and I plan to start reading it soon with my daughter so that she can apply these great tools and think way bigger than I have until now!

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