2012 Spring Leadership Convention – Columbus, OH

A HUGE thanks goes out to LIFE Founder Claude Hamilton and the rest of the volunteers for creating a magnificent event in Columbus, Ohio on April 27-29.  The LIFE Founders have once again brought their A Game and increased the value of being a member of this amazing compensated community!  The entire Policy Council has worked tirelessly to design, and deliver the exciting innovations that were rolled out at this conference.  No other organization on the globe is doing what Team LIFE is doing to create a proven way for people to regain hope and design the life they’ve always wanted!

The action and excitement kept coming all weekend…

From the exciting kickoff on Friday night all the way to the closing remarks on Sunday afternoon, I was on the edge of my seat soaking in the incredible wisdom and information that was shared from stage.  It was inspiring to see everyone who was recognized for their achievements.  Among those in the spotlight were my mentors, Wayne & Raylene MacNamara from Canada.  This couple continues to set the pace in Ontario and are incredible leaders and coaches in the Kaizen organization.

Some of the highlights that were announced this weekend include:

·        Mental Fitness Challenge

·        Incentive Trip Program

·        Compensated Association

Each of these new programs are incredibly exciting and I’ll get into more details in future blogs but, for now, check out the new 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge at www.mental-fitness-challenge.com



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6 Responses to 2012 Spring Leadership Convention – Columbus, OH

  1. Barry bauman says:

    I agree John what an amazing weekend!!!!!
    Friends,fun,food,fired up and serious stretching and learning in Leadership.
    It is amazing seeing people grow and change to become amazing leaders in all areas of life.
    Thanks for leading John!!!!!
    about changing lives

  2. Dumon says:

    It’s great to see a weekend like this happen, new changes coming in, that just give us that extra boost to go out there and make a difference in today’s culture. Also, it’s really amazing to see Wayne and Raylene recognized for a large achievement, the personal growth, their hunger and their character were in place long before they hit this achievement, which means, you need to BE the part and not just act it. Great leaders to work with and follow, keep leading!

  3. Joseph Keller says:

    Yes this was the weekend of weekends and until you’ve experienced one you really don’t know what your missing. Get your ticket for the next one now and manage it. Every morning I wake up I am more thankful for this opportunity and the amazing people involved in it. On friday night alone my cup was overflowing information excitement just how do you find so many amazing people. Than Claude answered that question when he talked about his builder asking “how do you find so many great people” and Claude answered “we dont we make them”. The personal growth from the information of Life is going to change the world out there one person at a time. We have watch the journey of our mentors and friends the amazing growth of all of the teams. We see it at the meeting after the meeting on friday night, so if you don’t know what I am talking about plan on being at the next one. Personally I feel blessed to be associated and look so forward to the coming days weeks and months, for the change has just begun and with the Mental Fitness Challenge we will continue to change the world one person at a time!

  4. Wade Hamblin says:

    The 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge is fantastic launch pad to a LIFE long journey of excellence! I’m taking the challenge and a am brave sole to get 360 degree feedback from close friends & business partners, family members, even my wife (really brave) and especially from my mentors Wayne & Raylene MacNamara http://www.waynemacnamara.wordpress.com

  5. Scott Staley says:

    The weekend was amazing. The MFC is something that will be a stepping stone to leaving a legacy of positive change in the lives of millions of people ov the coming years. It was great to see Wayne/Raylene being recognized – it was verification (yet again) that they are hungry students, and are not just sitting back and coasting. Their example is an inspiration to all of us as they lead the charge to growing and helping to develop thousands of similar leaders in Ontario, Canada, and beyond.

    Keep up the good work with the articles. I always find them to be an interesting and informative read.

  6. smiesmom says:

    That was truly an amazing environment to be part of. The mfc is tremendous.

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