Having Fun Along the Way

The process of developing ones self as a leader can be a lifelong struggle of suffering and pain.  Or it can be a fun-filled, life-giving adventure of victorious living.  What makes the difference?  In a word: Attitude.

When I was a kid, I used to love to fish in the creek that meandered through my parents’ farm property.  Often, during the sunny spring afternoons, I would rush home from school to grab my secret weapon (a 3 ft long poplar branch with a piece of fishing line attached and a plain hook baited with the fattest dew worm I could find).  My favorite 2 or 3 spots along the route contained deep pools, often occupied with speckled trout.  The key to success was to approach a “deep hole” with care and precision, taking care to avoid brittle twigs that could snap loudly under my weight as well as those slippery moss covered rocks that endangered my very safety with one wrong step.

If I took the time to approach the spot without scaring away the trout, I would often gently drop the hook into the water and immediately feel the fish attack the tasty bait.  Sometimes, however, I would do everything right and drop the baited hook into the water, only to wait there for what seemed like an eternity.  Eventually, I concluded that these cunning creatures earned the right to see another day and I moved on downstream.

Even when I returned home without the prize, I cherished the experience and eagerly looked forward to our next battle of wits.  This is a great analogy for living a LIFE of excellence.  We don’t always win, but we can always get better.  Attitude is the difference maker.  Every challenge in life is an opportunity to learn and grow.  In fact, the more we fail and learn, the faster we will grow and produce the results we are looking for.  Success demands that I:

  1. establish my goal
  2. prepare
  3. maintain an enthusiastic outlook
  4. be disciplined to do the work that earns the reward.

Thanks to my mentors Wayne Macnamara and Claude Hamilton, I am learning how to PDCA my way to greater success in the 8Fs (Sadly, Fishing is not one of the 8).  They love to have fun and demonstrate this every day.  I appreciate the example they are setting as they lead their families and their business.  By getting around such amazing leaders, I am able to Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference!

God Bless; John Lewis


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Husband, father, leadership student
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3 Responses to Having Fun Along the Way

  1. wayne macnamara says:

    Thanks for the great post John. It is really a blessing getting the chance to watch people take their God given abilities and use them to pursue their passions. You are bang on when you say attitude is the difference. We appreciate your thoughts


  2. Thanks Wayne! Not only an entertaining post but also an insightful one. Every challenge in life IS an opportunity to learn and grow – and there are always going to be plenty of challenges to learn from. Keep up the great attitude and you will continue to have fun, make money and make a difference!

  3. Dave Smale says:

    These words are so true John and certainly ones to live by. Attitude is the difference maker.After having several different one on one conversatains with you I know that this is how you approach each day. thanks for all your encouraging words and your time. Dave.

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