Your Anchor in the Financial Storm

As 2012 marches onward, the financial and economic global landscape is still very much in flux.  During the last few months, I have read about some pretty incredible events in the business world including:

  • American Airlines files for bankruptcy protection
  • Friendly Ice Cream Corp closes over 100 stores to avoid bankruptcy
  • Kodak files for bankruptcy protection
  • Hostess seeks bankruptcy protection
  • A&P Grocery Store closes 14 locations as part of bankruptcy restructuring

In the Investment world, the news is not much better.  For the first time since WWII, the U.S. now owes more than the total value of what the country produces in a year.  Other countries are also experiencing unusual economic conditions.  The Eurozone crisis could cost Canada $10 Billion.  An average Canadian household owes $1.53 for every $1 of income it earns.  The European Central Bank recently sold over 4 billion Euros worth of German government bonds with an average 6 month yield of -0.0122%.  In other words, as the article states:

“investors were willing to pay Germany for the privilege of losing a small amount of money with them rather than possibly losing a lot more by investing in shakier economies elsewhere on the Continent.”

One of the reasons why I love the LIFE Business is the predictability of income for specific results.  In other words, anyone who is looking for financial stability can learn how to implement a systematic approach to community building as designed by the world renowned community builders, best selling authors, and leadership professionals Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.  This business system generates a predictable, scalable cashflow without being affected by the stock market, energy prices, or technological advances.

To own a business with extremely low overhead, products that are in demand at the lowest price, and a proven business development strategy makes the LIFE business model appealing to everyone looking to build financially security.  Identify your income goals, get to work learning and leveraging the system, do the work and you will succeed.  And be sure to learn from your coaches who can draw on their experience to help you fast track through the minefield where they have successfully navigated.

This storm could last for a few more years.  We can spend the coming years in dread and fear, or we can thrive in one of the greatest economic times in history!  Choose wisely…

God Bless;  John


About johnklewis

Husband, father, leadership student
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2 Responses to Your Anchor in the Financial Storm

  1. Great post John! With so many businesses in financial hardship, it’s refreshing to know that we are able to be involved in a business such as LIFE, a business that allows us to take control of our own financial freedom! Like you mentioned, do the work and you will succeed.

  2. Sharon Lalor says:

    John, thanks so much for the reminder on why we need to really take a good look at our lives and make some serious changes. It is so good to be reminded why we set goals and go through all the struggles to reach them. Your post gives hope, it helps me to realise no matter how bleak and dark things look we have the freedom to choose and do something about it, for the people we love. Thanks to the LIFE business; all these things can be accomplished and more. Congratulations on all your success.


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