Remembrance Day

As Canadians pause today to commemorate those who gave their lives for FREEDOM, I am reminded how incredibly blessed we are to live in this country.  Today we  pay tribute to the thousands of men and women of the Canadian military and allied forces who sacrificed their lives in service to their country during the First World War, the Second World War, Korean War, Vietnam War, the Afghanistan conflict and peacekeeping missions.  The last American WW1 veteran passed away this year.  Sadly, another reminder that this horrific period in world history is fading from our collective memory.  My mentor and good friend, Claude Hamilton (former Canadian Navy diver) challenged me with the following statement;

“If you want a better Canada, become a better Canadian.”

Leadership is Taking Responsibility.

The truth in Mr Hamilton’s statement is profound because it places the responsibility for our results squarely on me, the individual, rather than on our governing bodies or political institutions.  This, in fact, is exactly what leadership is about.  By taking the initiative to begin leading ourselves through self-discipline and slight edge habits, there is a ripple effect that begins to expand beyond us to our families, communities, and ultimately our countries.  That is how we can change the world!

When an individual refuses to blame others, but makes the decision to take responsibility, that person is empowered to change his own results.  Passing the buck or assigning blame to others gives away an individuals power to change his circumstances.

A New Battleground

Earlier this year, Leadership Expert Orrin Woodward visited the beaches of Normandy during a European speaking engagement.  Contemplating the role that this theater of war played on D-Day, he blogged the following:

“Our ancestors fought for freedom with weapons, but today’s generation must fight for freedom with ideas. If we lose the battle of ideas, the real war is already lost.  LIFE is a plan to do something, to restore the West to its former ideals.  Where are you?  Are you concerned with what is happening around you? Will you answer the call?”

Our nation is under attack.  The evidence is in the daily headlines.  We are in the midst of a leadership crisis.  Who will take a stand to protect the liberties that so many take for granted?  Who will make it their duty to ensure a freedom shift, not a force shift?

And from our American friends, here’s a powerful Veterans Day reminder that I found on  Top 30 Leadership Expert, Chris Brady’s blog

Respectfully, John


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2 Responses to Remembrance Day

  1. Joseph Keller says:

    Today as Canadians so many of us stood taller and prouder. I look back onto what it must have taken for so many of our boys the sons and daughters, mothers and fathers to have made the sacrifices that they did allowing us to partake in the freedoms and liberties of the great countries north and south of the border and across the pond. This generation took up arms and defended are freedoms and rights one man at a time joining together with his brothers and sisters to fight the cause with so many giving there lives in the chase of victory.
    May the battles we ingage in going forward allow the pen to be mightier then the sword. May people open their ears and eyes to uphold and fight for the rights that so many of our brothers and sisters gave there lives for may we not let them be forgotten. May a group of men stand up take the torch and lead us back to a time of honer and dignity standing up for whats right making the difference in shifting us toward a freedom shift rather than a forced one. But if they must may they make the right decisions for the right reasons just as are brothers before us did.
    May there be more men to join along side of gentlemen such as Orrin Woodward and Claude Hamilton who stand strong on the fact that we need more men to stand up and learn how to lead again. Causing a rippling effect that could set our countries on a path to resurrect the principals on which our countries were founded and change the direction in which they have been headed. Just think of what the world we live in today would look like if it where not for a group that stood up and said not on our watch. Today we remember them and may tomorrow we make them proud and stand for a better Canada, a better United States, a better United Kingdom or just maybe a better world because we have decided to be a better person it all starts with one. Be part of the difference stand tall and stand proud be the change you want to see build a better tomorrow what better way is there to say thank you.

  2. Sharon Lalor says:

    If I want a better Canada then I have to be a better canadian. Who could ever imagine that I actually have some responsibility in this. It amazes for how long I have believed the lies about not having any control over my circumstances and because of that I have passed that on to my children. I thank God that I was lead to a group of people that can show me the truth and show me how to implement that with my children.


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