Leaving a Legacy of Faith

Top 30 Leadership Expert Orrin Woodward recently posted this example of a modern day family who openly share biblically based life principles.  Faith is one of the 8Fs of the LIFE business and Cody & Tara are stellar examples of parents who are using this information to raise children who pursue excellence.  Watch this video and then leave a comment about the All Grace Outreach material and how it has blessed you and your family!


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2 Responses to Leaving a Legacy of Faith

  1. Raylene MacNamara says:

    The AGO series for me personally has changed my life, how I live my life as well as view others. It makes me more aware of my association, my morals, and my behaviors. Regardless of your particular beliefs, you can learn from this series in so many ways. Whether its in parenting, marriage, jealousy, humbleness, faith or just in regular life principles everyday. I feel EVERYBODY should be subscribed to this series if they are serious about making a change in their future, their family and their success, to living a life of God centered principles. If Orrin and Laurie Woodward have been blessed with the life, marriage, family, and business they have based on the principles offered through the AGO series, then I think that speaks loud and clear. An ounce of example is worth a ton of advice, and they are incredible role models. There is a saying ” Be careful who you listen to you may end up with what they have.” Well, I want what they have in a marriage, family, friends, they live a very blessed life. I had to ask myself, Who are you listening to, where are you getting your advice? and Do you want he results they have? The AGO series has made a huge impact in my life, as well as so many others with learning morals, character, and God centered principles then anything I’ve ever personally witnessed, and therefore I will continue to guide people to this series and lead them to truth. This video is an amazing example of how the AGO series has changed a whole families life for the better.

  2. Sharon Lalor says:

    The all grace outreach is an amazing system. It helps so much for my boys to see that their other men and women, standing up and living truth and giving practical examples of how things should be. In a world where the truth is being drowned out by entertainment and the instant things that feel good. Thank God for AGO series that helps me as single mom to raise my four future men.


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